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Do I call the police or my attorney?

The collision just occurred.  You were rear-ended.  The shock of the car accident is now upon you.  You look down; fortunately, you have your cell phone in-hand.  Who do you call first?  911?  or your lawyer?  This may be one of your most important decisions!

Most people call 911, instinctively.  What do they get?  A non-lawyer!  On the other hand, those that call their lawyer first get customized legal advise, at the commencement of a new, important, legal matter- an automobile accident!!!

You will now have many important matters arise in your new case:  Statements will be taken where words must be carefully parsed; medical experts must be consulted; accident reconstruction must be performed; liability analysis must be performed; settlement must be considered; remedies must be awarded.   All this has now just begun.

I’m not saying you should not call the police, immediately!  But what I am saying is that you need to realize that a new legal matter has just begun!  And you are a new party to the matter!

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